All Risks Sales & Operations Management


Bill Evans

Bill Evans Email

Vice President

National Specialty Programs
410-828-5810 x3546
Chris Kelleher

Chris Kelleher Email

Vice President

National Specialty Programs
410-828-5810 x3573
Don Deising

Don Deising Email

Vice President & FL Branch Manager

407-710-4729 x8224
Jim Mitchell

Jim Mitchell Email

Vice President

Workers Compensation and A&H
804-330-4652 x4289
Lee Branson

Lee Branson Email

Vice President

Personal Lines
804-330-4652 x4236


Kyle Connor

Kyle Connor Email


800-366-5810 x3065
Deanna Deardorff

Deanna Deardorff Email


Corporate Underwriting
800-366-5810 x3017
Hollie Degutis

Hollie Degutis Email

Assistant Vice President

Corporate Marketing
800-366-5810 x3031
Bryan Guilbeault

Bryan Guilbeault Email

Vice President

Business Technology
800-366-5810 x3601
David Hansen

David Hansen Email

Assistant Vice President – Claims and Support Services

800-366-5810 x3541
Sanjeev Kaul

Sanjeev Kaul Email

Technical Director

800-366-7475 x4268
Theresa Menusan

Theresa Menusan Email

Director – Centralized Processing

Binds, Audits, Inspection, Cancels & Reinstatements
800-366-5810 x3784
Mark Reilly

Mark Reilly Email

Assistant Vice President- Centralized Processing

Centralized Processing
800-366-5810 x3603
Ron Stierstorfer

Ron Stierstorfer Email

Senior Vice President

800-366-5810 x3670
Chris Trompeter

Chris Trompeter Email

Assistant Vice President

Network & Support
800-366-5810 x3543