Liability, Excess/Umbrella, Blanket AI & WOS, and more…

Artisan contractors are specialists in their trade and need to be protected with appropriate contractors insurance coverage. Their unique skills and services are in constant demand by commercial and residential clients.

Artisan contractors face a wide range of builders’ risks from construction sites, legal and regulatory laws and transferred liability from general contractors. All Risks’ artisan contractors insurance specialists understand the unique challenges facing artisan contractors. We work with A.M. Best “A-” or better-rated carriers to deliver custom insurance solutions. Contact our specialists today to learn more about our artisan contractors insurance options.


  • Low minimum premiums
  • Entertaining commercial, industrial and residential GCs
  • Per project aggregate available
  • Monoline & Package available
  • Non-admitted markets
  • We accept any carrier’s supplemental application for artisan contractors


  • Nationwide
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  • Carpet, rug, furniture upholstery cleaning on customer’s premises
  • Ceiling or wall installation – metal chimney cleaning
  • Debris removal – construction site
  • Electrical apparatus – installation, service or repair
  • Electrical work – within buildings
  • Floor Covering Installation – not ceramic, tile or stone
  • Furniture or fixtures – installation in office or stores – metal or wood
    • House furnishings installation
    • Interior decorators
  • Janitorial services – commercial and residential
  • Lawn care/gardening services
  • Painting – interior, buildings
  • Paperhanging
  • Piano tuning
  • Sign erection – installation or repair
  • Sign painting or lettering – inside of buildings
  • Sign painting or lettering – on buildings or structures
  • Tile, stone, marble, mosaic or terrazzo work – interior construction
  • Upholstering
  • Upholstering – shop only
  • Window cleaning
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Excess and Umbrella
  • Blanket AI (forms vary)
  • Blanket WOS

ACORDs for each line requested

  • Supplemental Application
  • 5 years of loss runs
  • Current Carrier
  • Expiring/Renewal/Target Premiums
  • Detailed Description and Website
  • Do you control the account?
  • Have all of your standards declined?

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Our business is conducted as a three-way partnership; serving as the intermediary between our clients—retail insurance brokers who allow us to find the proper markets for their insureds and our carriers—the strategic partners that insure the risks that we place. We carefully select our retail broker partners and focus our resources where our abilities and interests best match.

We commit to our carriers that we will always provide all of the pertinent information that we have regarding any risk being submitted to them. We will never be guilty of failing to furnish information that is germane to underwriting a risk, simply because the underwriter did not ask us the right question.


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