QuickHome Agent Reward Program

Earn $15 in rewards funding on a reloadable All Risks Quick Home Prepaid Card for each new business account bound with the QuickHome (Personal Lines policies) team.

How can I sign up for a QuickHome Rewards Card?
It’s easy! Just bind a new business policy with our Personal Lines/QuickHome team. You will receive an email inviting you to “opt in” to the QuickHome Visa Rewards Card program. Once the form within this email is submitted, a new QuickHome card will be sent to you and will be reloaded for every new business Personal Lines account you bind with us each month.*

Additional information regarding our QuickHome Agent Reward Program:

Reward Program FAQ

Earn Rewards!
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*Opt-in invitations are sent at the beginning of each month. Agents have a one-week period to opt-in. If an agent neglects to opt-in by the deadline, we are unable to fund policies from this time period. To receive an invitation to the Reward Program the following month, the agent must bind a new business personal lines policy in the next 30 days. Card eligibility and funding may vary by line of business and by state. Usage restrictions and guidelines apply. Card items and conditions apply. Once an individual exceeds $600 in total awards, he/she will receive a 1099 tax form at year end.

This premiere reward program is provided by All Risks, Ltd., the nation’s largest independent wholesale insurance provider.